Binder Projects

BinderProjects.com is a place to get everything you need to start your DIY planner or journal. All you need is a 3-ring binder, a printer, and you're ready to go! We have tons of free printable worksheets and different programs.

Center for Church and Community

The Center for Church and Community (CCC) is an online and real-life community that provides free ebooks, worksheets, printables, and other resources for the church and community. 

Her Binder Project is a DIY devotional, journaling and planning experience for Christian women. All you need is a 3-ring binder and a printer to get started -- for free!
Morgan is a writer and graphic designer combining those things to inspire others to study God's Word and put their faith into action on a daily basis.
Morgan is a self-employed writer, graphic designer and publisher who is grateful for the opportunity she has to do what she loves for a living. Morgan Harper Nichols Media is a site to provide info for others who want to do the same!

Quite Women Co. provides free daily devotionals, worksheets, and ebooks for Christian women.